Tsonga surprised by thank you for heartwarming act

Jo Wilfried-Tsonga’s act of kindness to a ball girl at last year’s Australian Open has not been forgotten by the young lady in question.

A year ago the French star received plaudits from around the world for his heartwarming act at the Australian Open.

The fan favourite earned himself even more supporters in his 2016 second-round match when he helped a young ball girl during his second round match who had been struck by a ball.

As she tried to keep her cool and not interrupt the match, Tsonga noticed her crying, immediately stopping the match. He headed over and checked on the youngster before assisting her off court to receive medical attention.

Now in 2017 at the same event Tsonga has received a beautiful thank you note from the girl involved, Giuliana.

Tsonga posted the letter on Twitter, which read ‘Merci’ — thanks — on the front.

“I’m not sure if you remember me but I was the ball girl you escorted off court,” wrote Giuliana.

“Thank you so much for the kindness you showed me. I really appreciate that you were able to see that I needed some help and were kind enough to escort me off court.

“I wish you all the best for your upcoming games and I hope you are able to make it to the very end of the Australian Open!”

Up-and-coming Italian star Maria Vittoria Viviani might want to take a leaf out of Tsonga’s book, after she was controversially disqualified for hitting a ball kid with a ball during her opening-round clash on Sunday with Xin Yu Wang of China.

Viviani, 17, swatted a ball away in anger after dropping the first set and was sent from the court despite raising her arm signalling an apology immediately after noticing the ball had hit a ball kid.

The Italian left the court in tears.

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