Watch Bertens embarrassing serve

Kiki Bertens had a moment to forget during the International Premier Tennis League yesterday.

The Dutchwoman, serving to save the match on match point, tossed the ball up, realised it wasn't great but tried to hit the ball anyway, missed it and it bounced off her head.

To make matters worse, she had already faulted on her first serve, so the double fault handed a win to her opponent and earned Bertens a free ticket to Fail City.

However, in Bertens' defence, the IPTL rules played their part. In an effort to speed up the game, IPTL rules state that once a ball is thrown into the air for a serve, the serving motion must be completed. 

As a result, once the ball was in the air, Bertens had no choice but to try had hit it. Unlucky Kiki.