Murray stands by Troicki criticism

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Murray came from behind to see off Gilles Muller in three sets on Friday and book a clash with the Serb, who he previously dubbed ‘unprofessional’??for refusing??to provide a blood sample drugs test after the 2013 Monte Carlo Masters.

Troicki was subsequently handed a two-year ban that was reduced to 18 months on appeal but has rebuilt his career since returning and is currently ranked 25 in the world.

When asked whether Troicki should be back in the sport, Murray said: “Obviously it’s a difficult situation.

“I think I said at the time you have to be aware of what exactly the rules??are. Like I said, it’s extremely serious. I think if you want to protect the image of your sport, you need to??understand how serious the drug testing is and anti-doping is.

“I stand by what I said there. I’m sure he’s learned a lot from that.

“I know that I’m getting tested a lot more than I was in the past. It’s something that needs to happen.

“If you want the public to take your sport seriously, you need to have strong??anti-doping protocols and make sure that all of the athletes are getting tested??as much as possible.

“And that’s certainly happening. I’m not saying that it’s perfect. I don’t??think any of the sports are. But you need more money, more investment in it if??you want to have the best protocol possible.

“So I don’t know exactly where that money comes from or who is responsible for??that, but I’m pro testing as much as is required to make sure the sport remains??as clean as possible.”