Kuznetsova a cut above Radwanska in Singapore

In a stunning sequence of events in the match between Svetlana Kuznetsova and Agnieszka Radwanska at the WTA Finals in Singapore, the former gave herself an on-court haircut which triggered a remarkable come-back victory.

Kuznetsova beat Radwanska in a three-set thriller at the WTA Finals in Singapore.

While the match was played at an extremely high intensity and the standard of tennis was impressive, it will be remembered for another reason altogether.

With Radwanska leading by a break in the decider, Kuznetsova called for a pair scissors and began hacking at the pony-tail which appeared to be bothering her on almost every forehand she hit.

And it was not just a few loose strands that went, it was a significant portion of her doo.

The reward? Four breaks of serve, the set and the match.

Speaking after the potentially decisive White Group encounter, the Russian explained why she resorted to such drastic measures.

“It was bothering me a lot,” Kuznetsova said of her hair.

“I was trying to put it behind my headband. But my hair is very thick and heavy and in the end when I was hitting forehand, every time I was hitting a good shot it would come and hit my eye.

“I had struggle. So I thought, ‘what is more important, my hair which I can let grow, or the match?’

“So I thought, ‘okay I got to go for it right now.’

“I was not thinking too much. I was just trying to get the best of me and to take out what bothers me.”

And so the hair went.

In an age where the glitz and the glamour of professional sport seems to be a distraction to many great athletes, it was refreshing to see this act of ultimate professionalism from Kuznetsova who prioritised victory above everything else.