Celebrating Serena’s ‘Ultimate Greatness’

On Thursday night in New York, Serena Williams tied Martina Navratilova’s record for the most grand slam singles wins by a woman, and next Saturday she could set a new record for the most grand slam singles titles won in the history of women’s tennis. And so, it seems only fitting that Nike are running a campaign during the US Open to celebrate the phenomenal world number one.

There is no doubt that Williams is one of the world’s greatest athletes, some suggest she is the G.O.A.T, and a big part of what makes the 34-year-old such an inspiration is not just her success, but the way in which she’s achieved it.

Beginning her career as an outsider from Compton who was coached by her father, Williams has battled back from injury (she dropped to 139 in the world rankings in 2006) to become one of the most dominant athletes of all time.

It makes for quite a story…

Williams will be looking to further entrench her name in the record books over the next 10 days, but regardless of what she achieves from this point on, the American will go down as one of the greatest athletes ever, breaking down gender barriers along the way…

Few athletes have inspired quite like Williams has – and she doesn’t just inspire the average man on the street either. Williams is admired by her peers and fellow sportsmen and women the world over.

It’s hard to argue with the world’s best.