Murray agrees with equal prize money

US Open second seed Andy Murray said that he believes that women deserve to get equal prize money similar to that of male players at the grand slam events.

In a short interview with CNN, Murray said, “It’s great, perfect and is an example for other sports. It’s something we should be proud of,” said Murray.

Both men’s and women’s singles winners will get $3.5 million at the US Open this year. There are mixed feeling over the issue as it’s argued by some that men play at the best of five sets and spend many more hours on court than the women do.

Here is the US Open prize money distribution totalling $46 million:

1R $43,300
2R $77,200
3R $140,000
4R $235,000
QF $450,000
SF $875,000
F $1.75m
W $3.5m