Graf not perturbed if records fall

William has won 21 slams and should she win the US Open in September, she will equal Graf’s tally. 

In a chat with Tennis Magazine, Graf said she is interested to see if Serena can reach and beat her record but it’s something that doesn’t bother her.

"She can equal my victories and win still others. 

"I am not worried about it; I have never shown interest in numbers and statistics. 

"I have the feeling of having given everything I had during my career, and this is the most important thing," Graf said.

When asked if she still plays tennis, Graf said the she seldom plays nowadays. 

"From time to time, I am engaged with my foundation. But I play rarely. 

“It's hard to stay in shape and play tennis, for me right now is not easy." said Graf.

Top 10 Grand Slam winners:
1. Margaret Court (Australia) –    24    
2. Steffi Graf (Germany) – 22    
3. Serena Williams (United States) – 21    
4. Helen Wills Moody (United States) – 19    
5. Chris Evert (United States) – 18    
=.  Martina Navratilova (United States) – 18    
7. Billie Jean King (United States) – 12    
8. Monica Seles (Yugoslavia) –    9    
=. Maureen Connolly Brinker (United States) – 9    
10. Suzanne Lenglen (France) – 8