Nadal tight-lipped on Fognini confrontation

Something that flew under the radar at the Hamburg Open final was the confrontation between Rafael Nadal and Fabio Fognini.

It was understandable as to why the confrontation did not receive much coverage because it was the first time that Nadal had won a title in eight months and 15 tournaments, which took preference.

The Spaniard overcame the Italian in straight sets 7-5, 7-5, but each set that was played was competitive and fiery, a compliment to both players.

Nadal preferred not to elaborate on the incident, which saw Fognini verbally attacking 14-time grand slam winner between the first and second set, and hoped for the matter to stay on the court rather than be publicized.

"I'd rather not talk a lot about that..these are some things that remain on the court," he told

"Sometimes we have different views on what happens on the court and in some cases it is better in that way. It's a thing only between me and Fabio."

However, Nadal's uncle and coach, Toni Nadal, revealed to that the confrontation may have occurred because the 29-year-old was time wasting between points and blamed him for Nadal's tactics.

"I don't think Fognini referred to Rafael, but was rather angry at me. At some point he complained about Rafa's time wasting between points, then he was also mad at Rafa for some lucky shots he hit," added Toni.

"When Fabio said 'don't take a p*** out of me' he was referring to me, because I was encouraging Rafa from the box. Sometimes Fognini has a weird attitude on court."