Nadal and Djokovic criticize Kyrgios

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have criticized Australian Nick Kyrgios after he sledged French Open champion Stan Warwinka during their match at the Montreal Masters in Canada.

During a press conference in Montreal, Nadal told reporters that Kyrgios’ sledge was completely uncalled for and that there is no place for it in tennis.

"I don't understand very well why he say that (sic). It is completely unnecessary. It is out of what a tennis match should be," said the Spaniard.

“It’s obvious that when you are in the tour, you are in the locker room every single week of the year.

"You are around colleagues and the life is much easier and happier if you have a good relationship with those colleagues. What happened yesterday doesn’t help that."

On the potential of Kyrgios, Nadal has no doubt that the 20-year-old can be world number one in the future but reminds him that he needs to buckle down and really concentrate on his tennis if he is going to achieve that.

"I hope he's able to recognise his mistake and I hope he’s able to change his attitude," he said.

"He's a fantastic tennis player, and possibly he can be No. 1 in the future."

World number one, Djokovic, echoed similar words to Nadal as he felt that Kyrgios was punished accordingly for the comment.

"I'm not the one who should judge the reaction but in my opinion it was completely unnecessary to comment something like that," Djokovic said.

"There is no excuse for what he has said. He was fined, he deserved it."

Though the Serb understands that sometimes things can get a bit heated on the court, he explains that there is no excuse for making personal comments of that magnitude

"I think he's going to learn a lesson in a hard way," he added. 

"Hopefully this won’t happen to him anymore. I understand tantrums but this was not fair. There are no excuses for his behaviour."