Did Monfils ‘tank’ in Cincinnati?

Former world number one Tracy Austin has suggested that Gael Monfils deliberately 'tanked' some points in his match against Jerzy Janowicz in Cincinnati on Monday. 

Austin, a teen prodigy who won three grand slam titles before injuries brought an early end to her career, was commenting for the Tennis Channel and suggested that the enigmatic Frenchman played risky tennis with little regard for the score during his 6-4, 7-5 defeat to the big-serving Pole.

The main complaint which Austin voiced was Monfils' rapid tempo between points that often didn't allow the ballboys to get back into position. One other instance saw Monfils turn his back to Janowicz before unsurprisingly losing the exchange.

"To not give 100 percent and be so blatant about it, I think it's disrespectful," Austin said after the match.

"It looked like exhibition tennis. We've seen that way too many times with him. With Gael it's so difficult to watch because you know his upside ceiling could be so big but he just goes away and doesn't even try."

The highlights clip above doesn't prove Austin's claim but it does show Monfils at his disinterested worst during some parts of the match. Whether or not some of the mistakes were deliberate, we'll never know.