Kyrgios plans early retirement

Nick Kyrgios has revealed that he doesn’t see himself as a professional tennis player at the age of 30, ahead of the start of Roland Garros.

The Australian previously admitted that tennis has never been his first love, and during an interview with The Times prior to the draw for the season’s second grand slam event, the world number 19 has revealed he plans on walking away from his chosen profession while still in his 20s.

“There is zero chance that Nick Kyrgios will be playing tennis when he’s 30-years-old,” Kyrgios told The Times.

“There’s absolutely no chance. I don’t know how long my career will be but God help me if I am playing tennis at 30. There are so many more things to this world than tennis for me.

“Not tennis at 30. Please.”

Kyrgios is a self-proclaimed Boston Celtics fanatic and seems genuinely regretful that he didn’t choose basketball as a career when he was a teenager.

“When I was 14 I had to pick,” he continued.

“My parents were pretty strong pushing me into tennis. They probably thought it was easier to make it in tennis. I definitely liked basketball a lot better. But it didn’t work out too badly, I guess.”

Kyrgios added that he often finds himself bored on the tennis court and has to find ways to entertain himself, like playing trick shots or attempting low-percentage winners, even if a more measured approach would probably have better results.

“I have seen a couple (sports psychologists),” he said.

“But I can’t really focus for long enough. I can’t really take it seriously. They are trying to find what fuels you, motivates you. But it’s tough. One week I am motivated, one week I am not. So I walked away. Not my thing.

“Sometimes I get too creative when I should keep it simple. One of my coaches always used to say, ‘When people watch you, you don’t have to try and go for that extra shot’.

“It keeps me entertained and wanting to play.”

Kyrgios will start his campaign at Roland Garros against unheralded Italian Marco Cecchinato, and has a mouth-watering clash against one of France’s favourite sons, Richard Gasquet, lined up in the third round.

Should he beat Gasquet, Kei Nishikori is his likely fourth round opponent, while Andy Murray looms in the last eight should the tournament go according to seeding.

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