Williams regrets eating dog food

Serena Williams revealed that she tried a spoonful of dog food but didn't feel so well afterwards.

The American, who is staying in Rome while she plays in the Italian Open, sampled from the ‘Doggy Menu’ that the hotel offered when she ordered a meal for her dog, Chip.

"I force-swallowed it," said the 34-year-old in a video on snapchat.

"I don't know what they put in these dog foods, but Chip liked it. I thought 'what the heck, I'm gonna try a piece, it looks good."

As it turns out, the food did not agree with Williams’ constitution and she found herself in trouble later that day.

"Fast forward two hours, I just ran to the toilet like I thought I was going to pass out," revealed the 21 time grand slam winner.

"It did taste weird. It tasted kind of like house cleaner. I don't think it's consumable for humans. They should have wrote that! So now I feel really sick. It was just a spoonful, but I don't feel so good."

Williams managed to bounce back from her ordeal though, defeating Christina McHale in straight sets on the same day.