French Tennis Federation raided by police

The head office of the French Tennis Federation was raided by police as part of an investigation into widespread corruption. 

The president of the federation, Jean Gachassin, also had his house searched for evidence. 

The raid was due to an ongoing investigation into alleged corruption and embezzlement.

It is believed that tickets for the French Open are being sold on the black market, as well as corruption in the process of awarding the contract for renovation of the venue at Roland Garros.  

According to reports, a travel agency in southern France was also searched after it was alleged that it had illegally obtained French Open tickets that were being sold at five times the normal price.

The FFT revealed that it has been cooperating with the authorities and that it had "done important work over the past 10 years to limit trafficking of tickets and the black market."

The French Open will start on May 22 at Roland Garros in Paris.