Federer on doping, Sharapova and equal-pay

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Roger Federer has spoken candidly about the importance of drug testing in tennis, Maria Sharapova’s ignorance and his views on the equal-pay debate.

There are few things more topical in tennis right now than doping, Sharapova and equal-pay. Federer has recently given his views on all three.

The record 17-time Grand Slam singles champion spoke out at the ATP and WTA Miami Open, where he ends an eight-week knee injury layoff on Friday.

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Federer first stressed the need for drug-testing practices to be implemented consistently across all countries.

“I’ve been in Dubai for ten years now and been tested once. That’s not OK for me,” the 34-year-old Swiss said.

“I get tested more in Switzerland because the guy from Switzerland lives in my village. He comes to see me the day after my surgery.

“In certain countries, maybe the testing is not as serious as in Switzerland. I would like to see that across the board to be the same way and fair.”

Federer then revealed that he was shocked and saddened to hear of Sharapova testing positive for Meldonium but showed little sympathy for her.

“It was very disappointing news to say the least,” added Federer.

“It also shows the famous players can get caught in the system. I know what I take. You have got to be sure. That’s why I quadruple check what I take. I don’t want to take any chances whatsoever.”

Federer concluded by siding with Andy Murray on the equal-pay debate, disassociating himself from Novak Djokovic’s and now-resigned Indian Wells tournament director Raymond Moore’s comments that men should earn more than women.

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“I’m all for equal prize money,” Federer explained.

“I’m happy tennis has produced some of the greatest female athletes in the world.”