Li backs Pennetta decision

Two-time grand slam singles champion Li Na said Flavia Pennetta's decision to hang up her tennis racket was the right one under the circumstances.

Pennetta made her professional debut when she was a teenager, back in 2000 and has already surpassed expectations by playing well into her 30s. Li said it was time for the Italian to move on to the next chapter in her life, adding that she had given so much of it to the game.

"I was just asking her, '(Did) you change your mind? She was like, 'No. Never. Done.' I was like, yeah, I understand, we are (the) same age. I know how tough (life is) on the tour, like over 10 years," Li told journalists in Singapore.

Li stunned the tennis fraternity in September 2014, when she announced that she would retire from tennis, and not defend her Australian Open title in 2015. The script has been similar for Pennetta, who has decided this would be her last season on the WTA Tour, just moments after lifting the US Open crown earlier this year.

"You know, tennis is a job. It's part of life. You have to find the… real life or family. For this age, I think she will (be) doing (a) great choice," added Li, who became a mother this year.