Tennis’ governing bodies announce review

Tennis officials have announced that they will carry out an independent review into their anti-corruption practices in the wake of allegations of match fixing.

A report on the eve of the Australian Open which claimed that tennis authorities had failed to thoroughly investigate evidence of match-fixing sent shockwaves through the sport, and the relevant governing bodies have now acted to address this.

The review, which aims at "further safeguarding the integrity of the game," was announced in a joint statement released by the ATP, WTA, International Tennis Federation (ITF) and heads of all four Grand Slams.

The Independent Review Panel (IRP) will: 

– review and report on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP)
– take into account public commentary regarding the processes, procedures and resources
– make recommendations for change

Adam Lewis QC will head the IRP.

Philip Brook, chairman of the Tennis Integrity Board, stressed a commitment to keeping tennis clean.

"We are determined to do everything we need to do to remove corruption from our sport, hence the announcement of this independent review and our commitment today to implement all of the recommendations of the review and to fund them in full," Brook told AAP.

He added: "I would say certainly the events of the last ten days have caused damage to our sport. There is no getting away from that. We remain totally confident in the work of the Tennis Integrity Unit..

"However we do think it is really important that we conduct this independent review in order that all of you and everybody who loves our sport and watches our sport can have the knowledge and the comfort that an independent review has taken place and that we are doing all that we can do to make sure the integrity of the sport is maintained."