Why Roger Federer did not attend Rafael Nadal’s marriage ceremony

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal married long-time friend Maria Francisca Perello at a grand ceremony in Mallorca on Saturday.

While a lot of Nadal’s friends from the world of tennis were present at the ceremony, his arch-rival and friend Roger Federer wasn’t a part of it. There were multiple reports claiming that the Swiss tennis star would be attending the Spaniard’s wedding but he had quashed all those rumours.

Federer had claimed that he didn’t know anything about the ceremony and that one shouldn’t believe everything that comes out as ‘reports’. He even added that he had a plan in place beforehand and that he will not be a part of Nadal’s marriage ceremony.

“You should understand you cannot believe everything that appears on the reports,” Federer said last month as reported by Express.

“I do not know anything about it. And I have a plan for the weekend before the Basel tournament,” he added.