Roger Federer reveals he would like to coach at Rafael Nadal’s Academy, they ask for his CV in reply

federer nadal academy

Tennis great Roger Federer has revealed that he would like to coach at Rafael Nadal’s academy after retirement from the sport.

The Swiss tennis star was in conversation with SportWeek (La Gazzetta) when he was quizzed about a potential date of his retirement from the sport. Though Federer refused to engage in talks about when he would retire from the sport by claiming that he hasn’t decided yet, he did reveal what he would once he actually moves on from playing tennis.

The 38-year-old said that he would like to give something back to the sport and coach youngsters. He then went on to add that he would like to coach at his rival and friend Rafael Nadal’s academy which is situated in the Spaniard’s home town of Mallorca.

“They’ve been asking me for a while, I’m sorry, I still disappoint you … I didn’t decide when I’ll stop!”

“But I know, instead, what I’ll do once I stop playing. I would like to teach young people tennis. And I’d like to do it with the Rafa Nadal Academy.”

The academy’s Twitter handle then replied by asking for Federer’s CV and whether he is familiar with Spanish.