Pennetta reiterates retirement

Flavia Pennetta insists she will not be going back on her decision to retire despite appearing to be considering an end-of-season change of heart.

The 33-year-old said she would quit after winning the US Open in 2015 due to a persistent wrist injury, but she played out the rest of the season, prompting speculation that she may continue into next year with the Rio Olympics a reported target. 

However, despite finishing the year in the top eight of the WTA rankings, Pennetta insists her career is over.

“No. I repeat, I will not play anymore,” she told reporters in Italy. “My racket has been my friend for 20 years, it doesn’t feel bad if I stay on the bed for a couple of months.

“Jokes apart, I will stay fit because I like to take care of my body. But for a little bit of time I will not play anymore. Also because I feel pain in my wrist and certainly I can’t recover if I keep playing. 

“The doctor told me I only need rest to recover from it. I will surely follow this advice.”