Roger Federer quashes Barcelona star Gerard Pique’s Davis Cup claims

Roger Federer quashes Barcelona star Gerard Pique's Davis Cup claims

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer has slammed FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique, after the latter claimed that he would like to have an understanding with the former, over participation in the upcoming Davis Cup tournament.

The 38-year-old announced that has never met Gerard Pique after the Barcelona defender said that he thinks there was a miscommunication between Roger Federer and his agent, before adding that he hopes he will finally be able to ‘understand’ the tennis maestro one day.

Earlier, it was reported that Pique, who is the chief investor on the revamped Davis Cup, explained that he has sent Davis Cup pleas to Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Federer – while Nadal and Djokovic responded, Federer pulled out from this season’s tournament and expressed doubt over next season’s participation.

And now, it has been understood that the world-record holder in Grand Slam titles feels about the situation a bit differently, as evident from his reply:

“I have never met him, so I don’t know what we need to work on,” Federer said at the Shanghai Masters. “We didn’t have a fallout.”

“I put in a lot of energy into the Davis Cup over the years, I must tell you.”

“I played a lot of matches. It’s been a lot of work.”

“I have not officially retired from the Davis Cup, so that means I don’t know what to tell you, maybe, but obviously more likely no than yes, as I’m getting older and I have other things I would like to also do and go to places I have never played before.”

“It’s one thing and then having the four children and the wife is another.”

“You know, I just can’t be everywhere. I always said when you play the Davis Cup you have to miss out on Masters 1000. Is that worth the give? Not always. Not for me anyway,” Roger Federer concluded.

Quotes via Express.