WATCH: Rafael Nadal coaches Roger Federer in Laver Cup despite injury withdrawal

Rafael Nadal coaches Roger Federer in Laver Cup despite injury withdrawal

Tennis men’s World No. 2 Rafael Nadal had to withdraw from the ongoing 2019 Laver Cup due to an injury. Nevertheless, he was present on the sidelines as Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas took on Jack Sock and John Isner during the opening match of Day 3.

Nadal also appeared to coach Federer and advised him as to how he can win points against John Isner.

At the beginning of the match, Team World got an early break and later, during the first change of ends, Nadal wanted Federer to take more shots at Isner because the American was volleying everything else straight back.

“Good job, great job hitting to John in the net. He is better when he is moving,” the Spaniard told Federer.

“He is too big. He is very big there. He is a very good player and knows how to hit the volley.”

“When you hit to him I think it is tough for him to stay. It is so important.”

“Sometimes I feel when he is hitting his first serve, flat, the ball comes up quicker.”

“Also, add a little bit more swerve,” the 33-year-old added.

“You decide on the second serve when Jack is serving Tsitsipas has to stay back not you. But when John is serving, you have to come forward.”

“If you don’t follow this, you’ll be done on the net. Otherwise, John with his big serve can play the tricks,” he concluded.

Nadal was due to take on Nick Kyrgios in the second match of the day but he had to withdraw from that game as well, due to the injury. Dominic Thiem has replaced him instead.

Quotes via Express.

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