Rafael Nadal’s weird habits on court revealed by US Open ball person

US Open champion Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is one of the most followed sportspersons on the planet. As a result, the Spaniard is under the constant scrutiny of fans and experts alike. One thing which many have noticed is his tendency to follow a certain routine on court. An unidentified ball person has now provided with an insight into the same. 

An unidentified ball person recalled some of the weirdest habits of Rafael Nadal when on court. The individual, who was present at the US Open gave an insight into the Spaniard’s routine as well.

“[Nadal] always goes to the ad court [left side] and then the deuce court [right side] for his balls, like during warmup or something. So he’ll always say two,” the ball person told Deadspin.

“Even though I’m always showing him the two, just because I know that’s what he wants. Other players, I give all three or all four, depending on how many I have out of the six balls. But he always says two, and then he always goes to the partner in the back for one.

“So he’s always got a routine for every point, how he handles the balls, handles the towels during the water breaks, how he puts the water bottles in the same spots—that’s the classic one.

“But he’s the one guy that’s got a whole routine going with every point before every game before warmups. It’s very noticeable.”

Rafael Nadal claimed the 2019 US Open, beating Daniil Medvedev in a five-set thriller. The Spaniard finished his year with two Grand Slams and a chance to claim the number one crown ahead of Novak Djokovic.