Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic learn draws for new ATP Cup

Roger Federer's first ever Wimbledon opponent reveals his favourite amongst the 'Big Three'

The Tennis calendar is marked by four big annual events – the Grand Slams – which take place between January and September. Other tournaments add as fillers throughout the year, with the ATP Finals coming in at last. A new tournament is set to begin, however, with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic participating. 

The inaugural ATP Cup is set to take place in Australia, starting from January 3, 2020. The tournament will last ten days and will feature twenty-four countries across three venues.

Nineteen of the twenty-four countries have already qualified for the competition and were thus assigned their respective groups. The teams in Group A and F are scheduled to play in Brisbane, Group B and D play in Perth, and Group C and E play in Sydney.

The big three are set to participate in the competition as well, but have been divided by the group placements. Novak Djokovic, currently world number 1, will be present with Serbia in Group A. Roger Federer and Switzerland, meanwhile, have been placed in Group C and Rafael Nadal’s Spain in Group B.

From January 3 till 8, the respective teams will compete within their groups, with six winners and two best runner-ups qualifying for the quarterfinals. The semi-finals will take place on January 11 before the final one day later.

Here are the groups drawn so far:

Group A: Serbia, France, South Africa, TBD

Group B: Spain, Japan, Georgia, TBD

Group C: Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, TBD

Group D: Russia, Italy, USA, TBD

Group E: Austria, Croatia, Argentina, TBD

Group F: Germany, Greece, Canada, Australia