Former F1 winner compares Roger Federer to Ferrari driver

Roger Federer has been compared to a lot in his career, and like a fine wine, the Swiss maestro gets better with age. But perhaps Formula One (F1) was never really on the cards.

Jody Scheckter, F1 World Championship winner in 1979 has compared Federer to Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, despite the obvious age difference between the two.

“He’s a wonderful, a really nice guy”, said Scheckter in an interview to RaceFans.

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“I look at him as the Federer of Formula 1. Hopefully he can get the results. It’s funny, I’ve never really looked at drivers and thought ‘wow’ Before I raced and after I raced, Leclerc is the first one.

“I really have, and I hate to say, I nearly have an affection for the guy. I always say he’s calm, he seems a really nice guy, he’s massively talented. He’s got to get it together a little bit, you know. But what’s the curious thing is how does a person like that come from Monaco? That’s what baffles me.”

Roger Federer may be considered to be the undisputed best in tennis, but the veteran star was unable to progress as far as he would have liked at the US Open, losing to Grigor Dimitrov in the quarter finals.