Rod Laver reveals neither Rafael Nadal nor Novak Djokovic will ever surpass Roger Federer

Betting odds indicate Roger Federer will not finish career with most number of grand slams

Rod Laver is arguably one of the most popular names in tennis history, and his opinion holds some significant weight. So when he says Roger Federer is the greatest in the sport, it’s probably best not to argue with him.

Discussing Federer following the Swiss maestro’s reported injury troubles and subsequent defeat at the US Open Tennis Championships 2019, Laver reckoned there was a lot more left to come.

“He seems to be fine and that’s what counts,” Laver revealed to Swiss newspaper Aargauer.

“If you love the game as much as you do, that’s fine.

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“I also give Roger a very good chance of winning the Australian Open again in Melbourne in January.”

“Nadal, Djokovic and Federer are all big champions.

“But Roger surpasses tennis, the world of sport, and sports in general in a way that no one in history has done before him.

“He is the most recognised athlete in the world and a figurehead for this great game.”

Despite the claims, it appears that both Djokovic and Nadal will have something of their own to say about the best in the world debate, specially since they dominated the Grand Slam calendar this year.

Regardless, the Australian Open in 2020 promises to be an exciting tournament for all involved.