Novak Djokovic ‘likes’ John McEnroe quote slamming Nick Kyrgios for bad attitude

Nick Kyrgios is undoubtedly the ‘bad boy’ of the tennis world, and the Australian was at it again during the recent Wimbledon Championships. 

His poor attitude was on display yet again during the tournament, and he appears to be getting a lot of flak for it too. His comments in May about Novak Djokovic being “cringeworthy” did not go down well at all, and it appears the Serbian may have hit back.

“I just feel like he has a sick obsession with wanting to be liked,” Kyrgios told New York Times about Djokovic.

Now, the Serb has got his small bit of revenge, by ‘liking’ an Instagram post that showed a quote by tennis legend John McEnroe about none other than the troublesome Kyrgios.

The post clearly shows a like from the Djoker himself, and is in relation to McEnroe referring to the poor attitude that holds Kyrgios back from being among the best.

“Is he good for the game? Yes he’s good for the game,” McEnroe said to BBC Radio 5.

“Does he sell tickets? Yes. I can’t handle the fact that he only tries half the time. We can’t support that anymore. I don’t think he should be out there anymore unless he gives an honest effort, that’s my personal opinion.

“The guy would be top five in the world for sure if he was able to do it [give honest effort]. He’s got an incredible – this is my opinion – fear of failure. He doesn’t even allow himself to train hard enough to give himself a chance.”