Roger Federer reveals whether he can play longer rallies than Rafael Nadal after Wimbledon semi final win

Wimbledon 2019: Roger Federer says he is exhausted after defeating Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal played out another entertaining encounter at Wimbledon 2019, with the Swiss getting the better of his great rival.

One of the aspects that stood out about Roger’s game was his ability to win long rallies, which has generally been the strength of Nadal over the years.

“I mean, look, winning long rallies is always a nice feeling. At the same time there were so few of them when you’re going deep in a rally like this,” Federer said.

Plus they were also played on a very high level in terms of speed and power and spin and everything. It’s not just hitting cross-court balls to one another. You have some other opponents that produce that more for you. More of a waiting game.

This is different. Almost every shot we’re trying to win the point. Yeah, I mean, I think it is important that I can win those, as well. But they’re not the most important. I mean, I wonder if it took something out of him.

I don’t think so because on clay he does that in his sleep. Why shouldn’t he be able to have a few long rallies and it deflate him? He’s a champ, I’m a champ. We know how to handle a rally like that. Of course, you hope it goes your way at the very end when you’re not controlling things 100% any more.”

Up next for the two tennis greats is preparation for the US Open.