World number 13 Daniil Medvedev admits he hated Roger Federer

World number 13 Daniil Medvedev admits he hated Roger Federer

World No. 13 Daniil Medvedev admitted that he was not fond of Roger Federer once upon a time. The then 10-year-old rooted for others to win because he hated seeing Federer win again and again. 

As per the reports, Borris Backer once expressed his dislike towards the ‘Big Three’ of Tennis — Roger Federer, Rafel Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The world’s top three players have dominated the sport for quite some time. Hence, the six-time Grand Slam champion believed that this could be bad for tennis in the future.

When Medvedev was asked if he also thought along the same lines, the 23-year old said that he can neither agree nor deny those claims. Instead, he wishes to focus on his game.

Comparing his approach to his younger days, Medvedev said, “I felt like this when I was younger like when I was 10. I hated Roger. I just couldn’t see him win again. I was cheering from the first round for other guys because that’s the way I was. When Barcelona was winning everything in football, I wanted them to lose badly.”

“Now it’s changed a little, at least for tennis because now I’m more focused on myself. If I lose first round, I don’t care if it’s Nadal, Roger or Novak who wins the French Open, I’m just upset about myself losing in the first round. That’s how it is”, he added.