McEnroe wants tennis without umpires

Tennis legend John McEnroe believes that the exclusion of umpires will speed up the game and make it more exciting.

The seven time grand slam winner was speaking to The Tennis Podcast, when he opened up about how to make the game better for spectators.  

"There should be no umpires…that would maybe be a major innovation as well," said the 56-year-old.

"I'll have to throw that in. That could excite things along with a tighter format, quicker format."

McEnroe went on to say that, in the absence of umpires, the players must make their own calls, with the Hawkeye challenge system being implemented often. This, according to McEnroe, would lead to the kind of clashes he – and apparently the fans – are after.

"So obviously there would be unlimited challenges and I think you'd see some little bloodbath between the two players," he added.

"Or at least more of sort of this conflict that you saw back more in my day where the players seemed to be going at it more. It seems like to me they get along too well.

"In this day and age, people's attention spans seem to be dwindling and the longer the match goes, it seems that it gets less compelling for too many people.

"I think it's too good a sport to not to try to think of ways to interest the fans."