Federer plays down O2 row

During their three-set encounter in London, which Federer won 4-6 7-5 7-6 (8/6), TV footage showed Wawrinka becoming angry with his opponent???s box and led to him making a complaint to umpire Cedric Mourier.

Wawrinka was upset about the noise generated by Federer???s box and accused his wife Mirka of heckling him.

Federer and Wawrinka joined forces this week as Switzerland began their preparation for the Davis Cup final against France in Lille which begins on Friday.

??Regarding last weekend???s much-publicised incident, Federer said: “We had a conversation after the match.?? Everyone’s totally relaxed about the situation.??

???We’re old enough.?? We have Severin (Luthi) as a coach and Davis Cup captain and friend who was there, as well.

“I just wanted to see if there was any hard feelings because it was probably one of the loudest moments of the match, around 5-4, 5-5 score. Clearly a lot of noise.

“Like I said, there’s no hard feelings whatsoever.?? We’re having a good time here.?? We are friends, not enemies. But obviously it was maybe one of those moments, heat-of-the-moment situation.”

And Wawrinka agreed that the incident was in the past: “I think first thing, we had no problem together.??

???We talked about that already straight after the match.?? Not only about that, about many things. We know how to deal when we have a small thing like that.?? ????

“There’s not much to say because it’s become a big deal because of the press, because of you.?? But for us it’s nothing really.”