Watson relishing Robson return

Robson, 20, underwent wrist surgery in April and managed just one match all season – leaving 22-year-old Watson to enjoy a solid 2014 campaign and rise to 49 in the world.

But news of Robson’s return to training was welcomed by Watson, who said: “I hope she’s fit and healthy. I saw her??while I was in Florida and I’m really looking forward to having her back on tour??and for the Fed Cup and everything. We’ve missed her.

“Throughout our careers we’ve both pushed each other. I’ve had her there to??push me along, and personally I find it really helps. I’m sure she’s desperate??to be back on the court competing.

“Early on in the year I dropped to 160 in the world so I’m glad I was able to??get back up in the rankings and start playing well again and get my confidence??back and get back to where I was before I fell ill with glandular fever.

“I was hoping to be a little higher. I didn’t have a great finish to the??season in Asia, I think I was just exhausted mentally and physically and??couldn’t continue my run but I’m just very pleased with how most of it went.

“Hopefully next year can be even better. I’m feeling fit and ready already. I??remember last year I was kind of dreading it but I just want to get out there as??soon as possible.”