Gasquet on training with Nadal

Richard Gasquet has spoken about his new training regime with world number three Rafael Nadal.

Nadal has recently returned to the court after an appendix surgery, and Frenchman Gasquet has been blown away by his stamina.

In an interview with L'Equipe, Gasquet said: "He has so much energy! He never stops, always wants to train and practice more. He wants to practice always for more than two hours, like two hours and a half, counting also the physical preparation. 

"When you see that, you really do understand everything. The intensity he puts in each and every practice session is a normal thing for him, and Toni really doesn't give anything away. On Monday at 7pm Rafa was still training, he hadn't finished yet, he was still in the gym. I couldn't ask for anything better to train. With Nadal you hit every ball at 100% and you hit a lot of balls. When you have Sergi behind you and Rafael in front of you, you understand that it is serious."

Nadal is expected to play in two tournaments in Abu Dhabi and Doha before making his Grand Slam return at the Australian Open.