Hong Kong vs. Bouchard

Hong Kong Open organisers are furious with the WTA over a fine for their comments following the last minute withdrawal of world number six Eugenie Bouchard.

The Canadian withdrew from the inaugural Hong Kong event last September and prompted criticism from the Hong Kong Tennis Association (HKTA). These comments from HKTA earned them a US$10 000 fine from the WTA who said they had breached a code of conduct.

HKTA President Herbert Chow Siu-lung is still fuming. He was quoted by the South China Morning Post on the incident.

He said: "I see this as an act of bullying and intimidation and I ask that this (HKTA) council responds responsibly to such injustice from the WTA.

"I am disappointed the WTA has taken this small-minded action to punish a new event on the WTA calendar, which was operated so successfully.

"I am baffled the WTA has ignored the efforts of the Hong Kong Tennis Open and just focused on protecting and spoiling one player.

"The conduct clause they cited was meant to protect all three stakeholders: the tournament, WTA and players. The HKTA will definitely make an appeal over this fine and will also seek an apology from the WTA."