Wigglesworth hits back at critics

England scrum-half Richard Wigglesworth has shrugged off comments made by former centre and captain Will Carling about how the team is run.

Wigglesworth, talking to the press on Monday, was responding to Carling saying players are treated like "schoolboys" in a "classroom oriented environment".

And the number nine was clearly frustrated by the negativity as England look to hit back from a 28-25 defeat to Wales with a win over Australia this weekend.

"We knew coming into this that it could be like this, but he doesn't know, hasn't played the game for how long and hasn't been involved in professional rugby for how long," scrum-half Wigglesworth said about the criticism from Carling.

"Let's have a meaningful discussion about his knowledge, about what he knows about the game. He is there to further his own career and good luck to him."

He continued by taking issue with pundits who have pointed the finger at England's supposed lack of leadership.

"Certain people who have come out and said things should know better and it seems that no one has ever made a mistake in life and no one has made a decision that hasn't worked out for them," added Wigglesworth.

"They are entitled to do that and are progressing their own careers and I have no interest in anything they have to say because they are not here. They are not living it and doing it and I'm not bothered.

"They annoy me and p*** me off. I'm just indifferent to how ridiculous some of their chat is."