Tolkin still thinks Eagles will soar

USA head coach Mike Tolkin remains confident that his team will be able to collect some points before their Rugby World Cup campaign is over.

The United States have lost both of their opening matches, against Samoa and Scotland. Both defeats were rather comprehensive, which is not ideal, given that their next opponents will be two-time champions South Africa.

However, after the Bok fixture there will be a contest against Japan, who secured an unlikely win against South Africa in their first match. At this juncture the odds appear to be stacked heavily against the USA but Tolkin is not giving up.

"There's not a game we go into where we think we can't win," said Tolkin.

"Perhaps if we did the things that we set out to do early in the week against Scotland, to come out in the second half, maybe the momentum changes for us. Absolutely, there's no doubt about winning a match," added Tolkin.

During a campaign like this, one element that always has significant impact on the outcome is consistency. Tolkin does not think that his players have been consistent enough during this tournament and he hopes that will change.

"We've been inconsistent. We've had flashes of some very good play, of dominant play, with physicality both in defence and attack. At moments we've looked real good, with injections of real adrenaline. But at some parts, we've made technical errors, not being able to execute and lacking discipline," added Tolkin.