Wiggins wife sorry for Froome slur

The wife of five-time Olympic champion Sir Bradley Wiggins has apologised for calling Chris Froome a “slithering reptile”.

Catherine Wiggins was responding to news of four-time Tour de France winner Froome’s “adverse” drugs test when she left the scathing comment on Facebook – which has since been deleted.

“I am going to be sick. Nothing in the news. If I was given to conspiracy theory I’d allege they’d thrown my boy under the bus on purpose to cover for this slithering reptile,” Catherine wrote.

She later apologised for the remark, however, saying: “Sorry everyone for my emotional comments and insults. Too much stress has got the better of me. Heat of the moment things and certainly not my intent to fan any flames.”

Froome has been asked by cycling’s world governing body, the UCI, to explain why there was double the permitted level of ashtma drug salbutamol in his urine when he was tested during the Vuelta a Espana, a race he won in September.

The four-time Tour de France champion is adamant he has done nothing wrong, although if he fails to explain the result, he could be stripped of his Vuelta title and banned.

Wiggins, who won the Tour de France in 2012, also faced questions when news broke that he was granted a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) to take anti-inflammatory drug triamcinolone before the 2011 Tour de France, his 2012 Tour win and the 2013 Giro d’Italia.

The wives of the two riders and former teammates previously clashed after Froome said it was “healthy” to be questioning why Wiggins was granted the TUEs.

The former head of the UCI, Pat McQuaid, has labeled the situation surrounding Froome, a “disaster” for cycling.

“I don’t see how Chris Froome can turn around like he did and say ‘I played by the rules, I broke no rules’,” said McQuaid, who led the UCI from 2005 to 2013.

“The fact is, he has broken a rule. The fact is his urine sample was twice the permitted limit. It’s up to him to go and prove that he could have done otherwise.

“We’re now three months down the road, and they haven’t found a solution or a resolution to it yet.”