Gisin out of intensive care after Val Gardena crash

Swiss skier Marc Gisin has recovered enough from a crash in Val Gardena to be moved out of intensive care.

Marc Gisin has been cleared to leave the intensive care unit as he continues his recovery from a nasty crash in last Saturday’s Val Gardena downhill.

The 30-year-old was airlifted to hospital after being knocked unconscious in a high-speed accident in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup meeting, before he was later stable enough to be flown back to his homeland where he has been receiving medical care at the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital.

The Swiss Ski Team provided an update on the Olympian, which stated Gisin required a “long period of artificial respiration” due to multiple rib fractures and underwent surgery on Wednesday.

Gisin, who also suffered damage to his lungs, hip and non-serious fractures to the spine, had been kept in intensive care but has recovered sufficiently to be moved to a regular ward.

A Swiss Ski statement read: “The health of Marc Gisin has continued to stabilise and he is on the mend.

“After a long period of artificial respiration, which was necessary because of his multiple rib fractures, he was operated on Wednesday, December 19, by the thorax surgical team of Lucerne Cantonal Hospital.

“The ribs were stabilised. On Wednesday, December 19, the artificial respiration could be stopped.

“Marc Gisin was able to leave his bed for the first time on Thursday, December 20, and talk to his family.

“He will be transferred from the intensive care unit to a bed ward today, Friday, December 21. Marc Gisin still needs a lot of rest, so he can recover from his fall.”