North and South agree to Winter Olympic talks

North Korea and South Korea have agreed to attend talks next week to discuss participation in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

The South Korean city of PyeongChang is set to host the winter sport spectacle from 9-25 February 2018.

However, North Korea has left many participating nations unsettled after several nuclear missile tests, with the likes of France, Austria and Germany all considering not attending the event due to security concerns.

In addition, it has remained unclear if any North Korean athletes would attend the Games.

South Korean officials extended a hand to the North to discuss these issues and controversial leader Kim Jong-un accepted the offer, agreeing to send a delegation for talks on 9 January. 

The delegations will meet in Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, the same venue historically used for meetings. 

The talks will be the first since December 2015, though it is not clear who will be in attendance.

Kim Jong-un has been quoted as saying that a team at the event would be "a good opportunity to show unity of the people". Meanwhile, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said it would be a “groundbreaking chance” to improve relations between the nations, who have technically been at war since 1950.