Phelps to race shark…and there’s a trailer for it

Michael Phelps

Olympic superstar Michael Phelps has clearly grown tired of racing mere humans and will now be up against a great white shark.

The race, sorry, publicity stunt, will be part of Discovery Channels much publicised Shark Week next month. And in true over-the-top style, it has a trailer…

Of course, it does not outline the rules of the actual race, which, according to Phelps’ Instagram, the 23-time Olympic gold medalist survived.

Let’s forget that a great white shark can swim around 40kph, around four times faster than Phelps. Let’s forget that a shark killing machine, not a trained monkey. Let’s forget that there can only really be one winner here, unless they are running on dry land.

Let’s forget all of that, because we’ll certainly be tuning in to watch.