Bogut: We want gold

In the aftermath of the Australian national basketball team's impressive showing against Team USA, Andrew Bogut has revealed that the Boomers are in Rio to claim a gold medal and nothing else.

USA are the overwhelming favourites to win the men's Olympic basketball event. However, on Wednesday they only just saw off a stiff Australian challenge – eventually rallying to win 98-88.

In the first-half, the Aussies led by as many as eight points before going down as Team USA finished strongly.

While their performance was praised in the media, Bogut insisted there was little to celebrate as they had still lost the game. He was in bullish mood as he went on to explain that the group had their sights set on gold.  

"The Australian media is saying, 'this is the best thing ever, you battled, we're proud of you,' but we're disappointed," Bogut said after Wednesday's near-miss.

"And that's the mindset we have to have. This group's a little different to ones I've been on in the past, whereas we would have celebrated this loss. And that's just not right. So we'll work on things and hopefully see them again and battle them the same way.

"No disrespect to USA, but we don't want to get into an Olympics aiming for second or fourth or ninth.

"You should go in with the mindset of trying to be first. And if they beat you, they beat you.

"Guys [used to be] kind of afraid to say 'gold medal,' and [preferred] saying, 'Let's get a medal.'

"But we said as a group 'no, let's go for gold.' And then we'll live with whatever we get after that if we don't get it."