Pilot of doomed chopper in Leicester still managed to avoid bigger casualties


A tragic situation unfolded in Leicester City this weekend when a helicopter crashed just outside the King Power Stadium in which Leicester City FC and chopper owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was confirmed to be one of the passengers who perished.

But one thing that is notable was the ability of the pilot, Eric Swaffer, to avoid further casualties by diverting the helicopter’s impact to an empty parking lot instead of a populous area around the stadium that could have injured or even kill numerous civilians, particularly football fans who were still very much around the vicinity after a Premier League match against West Ham.

In a tweet by Piers Morgan, he gave a salute to the doomed pilot of the aircraft taking note of his “presence of mind” in the face of impending moment of death to still put the welfare of others as paramount.

The news and media personality then ended his post with the line, “RIP Eric Swaffer – a hero”.

Taking into perspective of how worse the event could have been, indeed there is something heroic in the deeds, right at the last moments of the chopper pilot.