Five instances when sports stars handled internet trolls like real champs

With great power comes great responsibility. This statement holds true in most cases and certainly has weight to it when it comes to the lives of celebrities. Constant trolling, criticism and fault-finding come with the job really, and sports stars deal with it all the time. Along with being talented enough to be in that position in the first place, you clearly need to have incredibly thick skin as well. However, even celebrities are human at the end of the day, and sometimes it just gets a little too much.

We all know how much good the advent of the internet has brought with it. Life has become simpler practically all around, but when general public are given a forum where freedom of speech has no reasonable restrictions, there is bound to be chaos. That is the very essence of the modern day ‘trolling’, and it hurts so terribly much.

This trolling is generally targeted at a person or community, and who better to aim for than the sports people you watch week in and week out. While these stars generally let this trolling go away on its own, some sports celebs are so fed up that they decided to take matters into their own hands. And boy is it fun to watch. Here are five such instances when trolls were shut down by sports stars:

#5 Nemanja Matic shuts down Chelsea fan 

Nemanja Matic may be cool, calm and collected on the pitch, and his peers will tell you that he is generally that way off the field too, but his epic response to a Chelsea fan trolling him will be etched in our memory for a long time. This one comes from an Instagram post regarding the Serbian.

Matic replied to a fan’s picture of him in a Chelsea jersey kissing the Premier League trophy with the caption “When you know it’s your last one.”

Matic clearly isn’t one to back down, and replied with an epic comment of his own: “Who you draw in CL (Champions League)?”

#4 Pogba trolls England fans by singing ‘It’s coming home’

Paul Pogba likes to have fun and he isn’t afraid to show it. Perhaps that annoys people like his manager Jose Mourinho, but the public love every minute of it. And the Frenchman was in a mood after winning the World Cup trophy and scoring in the final against Croatia a few months ago.

Following England’s strong start to the World Cup, internet fans were singing ‘it’s coming home’ thinking that the Three Lions were going to finally win the Cup, but when France took the victory instead, Pogba responded in epic fashion. The Manchester United midfielder posted on Instagram Live, singing the catchy song and mocking fans who claimed he and France would be ousted by England. Looking back now, you probably can’t blame Pogba. That song was really annoying.

#3 Virat Kohli shames fans who blamed his wife for his poor performances

This is an instance of when trolls deserved what they got. For weeks, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli was being badgered for his poor performances and resulting Indian losses, but when the internet trolls decided to blame his wife, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma for it, Kohli took it very personally.

He responded on Instagram with a ‘shame’ post for all the hate his wife was receiving because of his performances on the pitch and the post garnered a ton of social media attention as a result. Good on you, Virat, they had that coming.

#2 Nicky Kyrgios trolls fan telling him to stop playing Pokemon Go

Nick Kyrgios is some entertainer. The Australian has garnered a reputation for being the ‘bad boy’ of tennis and he hasn’t done much to change that since.

In fact, he fueled it even more after posting his love for Pokemon Go back in 2016. The game was one of the most popular things at the time, and the Aussie was jumping on the bandwagon. But when his posts became too much for one particular Twitter user, he had something to say.

“@NickKyrgios dont think Nole or Fedex were catching pokemons than they became a No. 1
Im with you, but feel bad for you about that craps”, the fan mentioned.

Kyrgios responded in the only way he can, and it was epic, to say the least.

“did Fed or Nole have a 2000CP Gyarados… Didn’t think so”, the tennis star hit back.

#1 Neymar answers trolls with ‘cry baby’ celebration

Neymar had a torrid World Cup from a media standpoint. The Brazilian was accused by the internet masses of going down too easily under challenges and even ‘diving’ to earn a free-kick or penalty.  So when fans of French club Nimes decided to show up with a banner calling Neymar a crybaby, it became too much for the PSG man to handle.

After scoring in that game, Neymar celebrated by copying the actions of a crybaby in response to the banner as well as the numerous trolls he had received since the World Cup. It worked to an extent, as the topic of discussion online suddenly changed to the celebration rather than his diving.