Footvolley: An emerging sport in Asia


A combination of beach football and volleyball, footvolley is an upcoming craze in all of Asia. Fox Sports talks to one of the officials of the Asian Footvolley Association to know more about the sport.

“Footvolley originated in Brazil in 1965. It was first played in the famous Copacabana beach.” says Adaham Abdullah, President of the Singapore Footvolley Association. “The sport is also popular in Europe and it’s a bit new in Asia but I’m glad to say that it is an up and coming sport in the region.”

In the Asian level, there are four countries, composed of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines which spearheaded the Asian Footvolley Association and they held annual tournaments on which determines which team would be sent to the World Championships.

“In the local scene [Singapore], we also conduct a one-off tournament to determine which team do we send to the Asian Championships. We send the best two teams composed of two players each team.”

Since footvolley is an up and coming sport in the region, there are no leagues at the moment in any of the member association. On the 4th of August, all of the member associations, excluding the Philippines will be sending teams in Bangkok, Thailand for the ffifth edition of the Asian Footvolley Championships.

“Thailand also hosts the World Championships. They are the best in Asia, nobody can beat them in the region and they are at par with the European teams like Spain and Portugal.”

In the World level, it is Brazil, where the sport originated, that claims the title of being the world champions. All of the footvolley competitions are considered to be “open league” and does not have a junior category at the moment.

The sport does not have a goal the same as that of football but it uses a net which is the same as volleyball. It’s players boasts of skills in both sports combined – the good thing here is that in footvolley, there is no offside rule and that it can also be played in a concrete court.

Footvolley also does not require height nor age range in order to play the sport.

“We conduct trainings and clinics that are meant for everyone who are interested in learning the sport. Here in Singapore, we have youngsters and ladies joining us in training.”

Photo and video credit: Footvolley Singapore Facebook Page