Spieth reveals shock defeat – to Barack Obama

Jordan Spieth has reached the highest level of golf after winning three of the four majors and ascending to the top of the world rankings.

Yet Spieth has revealed he is no match for former American President Barack Obama.

The 24-year-old recently took to the course alongside Obama in Dallas, but despite lifting some of golf’s most glittering prizes, it was the president who came away victorious.


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“So we had a two-on-two and it came down to the last hole, and the president had like a 10-foot double-breaking putt,” Spieth told the Late Late Show with James Corden.

“This is my home course and I’ve never seen anybody make the putt. And a small crowd had gathered like you would expect. He kind of said ‘You know, when there’s a crowd on the last hole, I never miss.’

“And he steps up and knocks [it] in… perfect speed, right in the middle of the hole. I had a putt that would have been to tie the match after, but it didn’t matter.

“He won the match on that putt. And he said ‘Told ya’ and we shook hands.”