Cardinals QB forced to dress up as Supergirl

Drew Stanton Cardinals

Here’s something you don’t see everyday – an NFL quarterback running around on the field dressed up as Supergirl.

The Arizona Cardinals were beaten by the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, but we’re not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that their quarterback Drew Stanton spent some time prior to the game frolicking around the field as Superman’s cousin.

While the sight is a strange one, there is an explanation for it. It turns out there’s a weekly challenge between quarterbacks in Arizona each week, and the loser has to dress up in a crazy costume.

ESPN explains:

Arizona’s quarterbacks have held the contest since Palmer joined the team in 2013, but the costumes for the losers took off this season after Palmer started an Instagram account, where he has chronicled quite a few of the punishments. …

Palmer picked up the game when he was in Cincinnati from Jon Kitna, the quarterback he eventually replaced with the Bengals. Even though Peterson is considered the biggest talker of the group during the contest in Arizona, Palmer and Kitna engaged in epic battles that eventually started distracting Cincinnati’s practice.

“He and I would be doing fade drills and the competitive fade bucket throws and things like that, and it would get so loud down there that they would have to tell us to stop doing that because we were disrupting special-teams practice at the time, or whatever it was,” Kitna said. “He and I would be down there just getting after it. But it was a great relationship.”

So Stanton isn’t the only QB who’s had to make a fool of himself in this way, although he’s had to pay the price on several occasions in the past.

Here he is dressed as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in 2016:

And just last week he was out and about in this all-too revealing outfit:

What’s next? Stanton in a Wonder Woman costume?