Ferrari’s 2015 car is late

The Italian is not worried about the delays though, as he believes the regulation update dealing with engine changes means the team will catch up to their competitors.

Marchionne said: "We're starting the season a bit late because the design of the new car was started late. But we don't have to freeze the engine by the first race, so it will be a very interesting season.

"I think the car will get better as we go through the year."

He added: "We have a new guy, a team principal, who has been involved in racing a long part of his professional life – Maurizio Arrivabene. And he's busy now.

"We've got a technical guy, (James) Allison, who's taking over the technical side of the business. So we've got the team.
"We had a disaster of a season in 2014, and I think organisations tend to get lazy. So it was time to bring about some change.

"On the road car side, [the business] is doing tremendously well, but at the heart of the success of Ferrari is what it does on the Formula 1 track.

"And if it doesn't get that right, if it doesn't fight properly, then I think it will ultimately impact on brand. So we had to intervene."