Bianchi crash prompts Malaysia GP change

Razali revealed that during contract renewal talks with Bernie Ecclestone the idea of changing the race start time to 15:00 rather than 16:00 had been discussed. It is believes this lowers the likelihood of the race being affected by an afternoon downpour like the one that contributed to Jules Bianchi's horror smash in the 2014 Japan Grand Prix.

Razali said: "Mr Ecclestone mentioned that because of the Suzuka incident the FIA has some time limit. So he is reviewing to move the start to the original time, maybe this year.

"For us it's good. It's a safer time bracket… so now people can come in for lunch, watch the race and about five o'clock they can go back (home).

"He (Ecclestone) mentioned the possibility (of an earlier start). We said if you want to go back to three PM, we fully support it."

He also said that they had discussed the possibility of turning the Malaysian Grand Prix into a night race, an idea he does not support.

Razali added: "It's a danger to force us to do it. In the past he (Ecclestone) was pushing but now I think it's the first time where he actually listened to us as a promoter what we want. 

"At the moment (we don't want it). Every circuit has its own identity, the danger is to copy someone else."