Russian F1 GP to remain day race

Last year AUTOSPORT said that Sochi's bosses were in discussions about running the race under floodlights by October 2015.

In a statement released on Friday race organisers said that the race would be run earlier than later as agreed upon by Formula One Management.

Sochi organiser Sergey Vorobyev said, "This year the Grand Prix will start at 14h00.

"We will have an opportunity to watch the fascinating Formula 1 race one day and one hour earlier than we did last year."

This is a bit different to what was said after last year’s event by circuit consultant Richard Cregan who said that everything was ready for the Sochi race to run in the dark if required.

"The infrastructure is there to supply the power for the lighting system, and that has already been checked.

"It is only a matter of decisions being made."