Stoner reveals details of testing

Stoner spent three days testing the 2015 Honda setups at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia, and the Australia has revealed the details of testing.

Stoner said: "We had different versions of the 2015 bike so we were back-to-backing a lot of that. We had a couple of different components with the forks and then some engine brake and engine mapping settings. Really we were just reconfirming things before the main riders get here. We have fast-tracked a few things so that they understand them a little better before they get on the bike."

Stoner also revealed that he tries to stick to Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa's preferred settings.

He added: "I basically ride either of their bikes. I just have to adapt to Marc’s bike and chassis and then to Dani's.

"Then they've got different variations to try and see if they can find something in the middle that is going to be the ideal thing, but generally one guy will always prefer one thing and another guy will prefer another. I always generally prefer one or the other's bikes a little better but we don't go chasing set-ups, there is no point doing that."