Scassa backs Ducati for Aus win

Scassa tells on how he took on his new role as a driver and involved in team management . 

"We have been working on this project with Aruba for a few months and finally this project with Aruba Racing is born. It's quite a strange feeling for me because I have one foot on the riders' side and another on the management side. It's interesting to see things from the other point of view."

With technical changes imposed for the 2015 campaign, not least in the engine and electronics departments, Scassa is confident despite all the technical changes that have taken place that Ducati can do well in the 2015 season.

"I think Ducati is the one which has lost less," he admits. 

"Other brands like Kawasaki and maybe Aprilia have lost more speed, especially on the engine side. Ducati has stayed on the same level, more or less; we have changed a few things but it's quite fast. 

"The Ducati is still as fast as last year but everybody else is going a bit slower. It looks easier for the riders (Davide Giugliano and Chaz Davies); they have more confidence, the bike is a good development and the people inside the garage are amazing.

"Everybody is here to win at Phillip Island! They (Ducati) want to do it too and they will be able to do it," he added.